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“The Server provides information about intellectual property law including patent, trademark and copyright. Resources include comprehensive links, general information, space for professionals to publish articles and forums for discussing related issues.”
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Rights Issues and Resources

A Line in the Sand
“Cultural property includes not only land and other tangible property, but ideas, traditions, and other non-tangibles. Cultural property belongs to the cultural group, rather than to an individual. As an individual has the right to control use of his/her property, the cultural group has the right to control the use of its property. Not all people recognize cultural property. As a result some individuals will use another group’s cultural properties without permission; often that use is offensive to the cultural group, because their property is used in a way that distorts or is disrespectful to the group’s beliefs.”
“This site is offered as a place where the debate over where to draw the “Line in the Sand” on the issues of cultural property, Native American sovereignty, Native American identity, ethnic stereotypes, the commodification of Native American culture, and all related issues, can take place.”
This site, maintained by Karen Strom since 1999, contains discussion and links related to sovereignty, cultural property, legal resources, stereotypes, responses to the issues, and general resources.

Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights
Provides links regarding the following questions: “Where can I find some general information about cultural and intellectual property rights? Where can I find information about cultural and intellectual property rights with an international perspective? Where can I find some information about legislation related to the cultural and intellectual property rights of American Indians? Where can I find a variety of viewpoints on Native American cultural property issues?” It also provides an annotated bibliography of resources cited.
Dawn Eckenrode created this site at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas at Austin. (See Northwest Indian College Oksale Program Virtual Library

Intellectual Property Rights for Indigenous Peoples, A Sourcebook
“The Sourcebook contains 15 chapters, various appended documents, the names and addresses of organizations and sources related to IPR, extensive bibliographies, and an index.”
“The Sourcebook offers both cases where indigenous groups have asserted these rights and analyses of the legal and political context. It is intended to be useful to indigenous leaders reviewing their options; to advocacy groups for indigenous rights, human rights and biodiversity preservation; to policy specialist; and to scholars The Sourcebook provides a consolidated source of very current information on the rights of indigenous peoples with respect to the use of their cultural knowledge.”
Resource developed by the Society for Applied Anthropology

Who Owns Native Cultures
Brown, Michael F. Who Owns Native Cultures. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003.

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